Available for the iPhone

How far can you go before your Snozzled? Reminiscent of the classic game Simon, Snozzled takes the game play in a new direction. Featuring five levels of play and user selectable goals, Snozzled provides both quick games to kill a little time and truly challenging games that will leave you Snozzled.

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Any Base Converter

Available for the Mac

Simple and capable, Any Base Converter is an unobtrusive base converter that gets out of the way. Simply start typing in one of the predefined base fields and, as you type, the other base fields show the result. Conveniently placed separators and a mono spaced display font minimize errors. Double clicking any of the base fields will select a result section and triple clicking selects the entire result for a quick copy and paste into your applications.

Need to convert to an arbitrary base or convert a negative value? Any Base Converter will handle this. For Arbitrary bases from 2 to 36, enter a base value and then enter another base value to convert to it. Entering a negative base 10 value will display a two's compliment result in the other bases. Other base values display as both signed and unsigned base 10 values.

Need to do a quick ASCII lookup? Type the character in and the other base fields will show the ASCII value.

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Available for the Mac

Simple to learn but hard to master, Raveled provides hours of entertaining challenge.  The goal is to drag the pieces so that the attached lines don’t cross one another.  Sounds simple enough until you try.  Once you select your level of difficulty, starting the game shuffles the pieces.  Your goal is to untangle the pieces in the shortest time with the fewest number of moves.

There are ten levels of difficulty with an almost limitless variety of games.  You can select different backgrounds, pieces, and lines to customize the game to your liking.

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