Magic Squares

Number Squares

Available for the Mac and iPad


Number  Squares is a magic squares game that has a simple set of rules making it easy to learn while providing more than enough depth to be a challenge.  This classic number puzzle game dates back to 650 BCE and still provides many hours of enjoyment today.

There are 25 squares in a grid.  The goal is to place numbers so that each row, column, and diagonal add to 65.  At the same time, every pair of numbers the same distance from the center add to 26.  Hard to believe but there 48,544 solutions to the puzzle - you won't run out of game play anytime soon.

There are five levels of game play available with a hint button if you want a little extra help.  The provided skins allow you to customize the game to your liking.

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Joe Ergo

Available for the Mac

Why not feel better andincrease your productivity at the same time? Sitting at a computer focusing on the work you are doing can take a toll on your body.

It is amazing how much better you will feel and clearly you will think if you take a break a few times an hour to stretch and get the blood flowing. Joe Ergo helps by unobtrusively reminding you, at intervals you set, to do some simple, clearly illustrated, stretching exercises. These 30 second breaks will more than pay for time lost with increased clarity and well being.

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Feng Shui

Mood Light

Available for the iPhone

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics used to create harmony and balance around us.  Feng Shui is a diverse and rich set of practices that are used in a broad range of pursuits from architectural design to interior decorating.   Feng Shui Mood Light aids those interested in pursuing the use of colored lighting in their use of Feng Shui principles.   Feng Shui Mood Light provides a way for you to start the mood light with a set of colors that matches your current mood allowing you to synchronize your mood with the lighting.   The lighting color then gradually changes at the pace you set to the colors (therefore mood and attitude) you which to reach.  Multiple simultaneous color choices are supported for both the starting and ending states.

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