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Available for the Mac and iPad


EE Tool Kit contains circuit solvers, references, and example schematics all in one easy to use app.  All solutions are found using standard component values (ones you can buy) and optimized to provide the best solution for the standard values that are available in a range of tolerances.  Navigation is performed by selecting entries from a table of contents that indexes and categorizes the solvers and references.  EE Tool Kit is written by professional circuit designers and hobbyists for circuit designers and hobbyists with a focus on quickly and flexibly providing useful solutions.

   Thirty solvers are provided which address the basics (ohms law calculations) through more complex circuits such as active band pass filters and oscillators.  Eight references are included which provide often used information such as wire gauge tables with ampacity ratings and standard value tables.  Twelve sample circuits are provided that cover the basic building blocks you will most likely use in addition to some novel circuits that are not commonly seen but provide useful circuit functions.  Both the iPad and desktop versions of EE Tool Kit use the same interface making it easy to move between them.

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Available for the Mac,  iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets



This handy cook’s helper works in two different ways.  It will either size recipes (say you have a recipe for 6 but need to serve two) or convert measures from one set of units to another.  It will work across different sets of units converting from and to US, UK, and Metric measurements.  Values are shown in fractions where appropriate giving you results such as 1 and 1/3 cups rather than 1.3333.

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Available for the  iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets


   First described in the late 1800s, the term biorhythm refers to the rhythmic cycles that affect a persons performance in various areas such mental and physical ability and emotional activity.

   Biorhythm Calculator provides a quick and easy way to see a three week outlook based on accepted biorhythm cycles.  It stores the last birthdate entered and always opens to the current date so simply launching the app provides up to date information.  Convenient controls are provided to look ahead and back a week at time allowing you to quickly assess future and past tasks.  Biorhythms can be calculated for any date in the future or past by entering the information directly.

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